A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Shoot your way through a never ending assault of mechanical menaces. Evolve and Upgrade your guns as you defeat other robots.

Controls VR

Press the start button and grab the flightsticks to control your mech.

Press the Left and Right triggers to shoot

Controls PC - Mech Evolve is intended to be played with an Oculus VR headset but can be played using keyboard and mouse using the below controls

**Middle Mouse Click - Start level**

WSAD  - Move and Rotate Mech

W + Space - Boost

Ctrl + Mouse - look around Cockpit

Left Mouse  Click - Fire left weapon

Right Mouse  Click - Fire right weapon

Middle Mouse Click - Start level/Open Hatch


mechevolve.apk (Oculus Quest) 202 MB
MechEvolve.exe (Windows or Oculus Rift) 136 MB

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